I added a Zebras page to point out that the Pages are automatically ordered alphabetically  (except for Home).  So, Zebras is likely to be the page farthest to the right, no matter what other pages I list unless I find some use for Zeppelins.  There is a way to change that and I point to it in Lesson Eight, but it is not a priority for me.  If you want to explore that go to Lesson Eight.

Other than that, Zebras used here signifies nothing.  But it does remind me of a short-lived TV program that was on many years ago called First Camera, which was supposed to be a 60 Minutes type of show.  When the producer was asked what the title First Camera meant.  He replied:  “It doesn’t really mean anything.   It’s supposed to just sound like it means something.”    I would put that down as one of the slogans  characterizing our time.

  1. Zebras – it must mean something

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