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Lesson # 21 – Begin to Make Yourself Famous with Tags

Once you have a blog that you want to show the general public there are many steps you can take to help others find you.   WordPress suggests beginning with writing interesting posts and attach to them Tags that aid in “search engine optimization.”   However, that assumes that you have not put privacy restraints on your Posts like I have with mine.  If you have, go the Dashboard and down to Users-Settings-Privacy and click Allow search engines to to index this cite….and of course save it.

Now you return to whatever Posts you have written and either use Zemanta to add Tags or do it with what is called the Tag Module.   If you’ll recall from Lesson 15, Zemanta offers several suggested Tags and you could go to Support-Zemanta-Search to learn how to activate them, but I’ll make it easy with this link.

Or you could go to Support-Tags-Search and then click Tags at the top of a list of information on Tags, and that will describe how to use the Tag Module within each Post.  It will also differentiate Tags from Categories for you and talk about the uses of each (see Note below).

Other topics listed in that section could be of interest to you as well, especially the section on Global Tags, which will show you the most popular tags used on WordPress blogs, something to keep in mind when you are adding tags.

Tags are only one aspect of getting your blog noticed in the blogosphere, but becoming accustomed to employing them is more than enough for one lesson.  Lesson #9 in the WP Tutorial is titled:  Get Famous.   That offers several other suggestions for making yourself known.   You might want to glance at them and develop a self-promotion plan.

But as for me, that’s it for now.  I believe I have given you the essential information to set up a basic blog  site similar to mine.   And, if so, it should give you a solid foundation to learn how to add and alter all sorts of stuff to make your site just the way you want it.


NOTE:   As phrased in the Idiot’s Guide: ” Categories group like entries in your blog post archives, while tags help with search engine optimization.”

I have ignored categories here (and removed a Categories Widget from the Side bar) because I don’t find it useful in this limited context.    Eventually I plan on beginning a regular blog, and before I do that, I will try to imagine the various categories I might regularly touch upon AND THEN I WILL EMPLOY A CATEGORY WIDGET AND LEARN MORE ABOUT USING CATEGORIES IN WAYS TO ASSIST READERS.

As you should know by now, I keep focusing on the bare essentials believing the best way to proceed through the WordPress world of possibilities is on a need to know basis.