Pitfalls & Snags

I think the biggest pitfall in developing a basic blog is encountering an overwhelming amount of information provided in what I would call willy-nilly fashion.  It looks organized, but not around what you most need to know RIGHT NOW.   An example of this at its worst is Word Press  All-in-One for Dummies, a book of over 800 pages eager to offer you “8 books in 1”.   It is not enough to confuse you with one book;  they multiply your misery by eight.  If I already had a good base of knowledge about WP, this book might be of help here and there, but for novices it should carry one of those warnings from the surgeon general.

Badly organized information ties to a second pitfall, that of “having too much of a good thing,” too much information.  What you see in this blog is largely shaped by a template that WP calls Theme.   One can easily get bogged down in selecting the perfect theme out of hundreds of them, so I quickly chose a theme recommended by WP , Twenty Ten.

You probably were given Twenty Eleven and in one of the posts below I show you how to change it to Twenty Ten, so we are “on the same page” so to speak.   Those two themes resemble each other, but there are some differences and I prefer the earlier version as far as this course goes.

Each Theme offers a different look and some different program customizing options (called Widgets).  There is a lot to explore but it exemplifies the pitfall of too many choices which only slow down the process of coming up with a functional blog.

A third pitfall  is doing work on your blog without knowing how to undo it.  En route to the little I know about Word Press, I have often gotten confused and frustrated, often because I have done something that I now want to change.  For example, if you sign up for a blog, they tell you not to worry as to what Title you choose, as you can change it later. But how?  That’s left for you to figure out, along with too much else.

But I will help you with “undoing” as well as “doing” below.



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