Key Tools/Concepts

As I have indicated elsewhere, there is way too much Word Press information on possibilities for most ingenue bloggers to swallow at first gulp.  This page is for listing the tools/concepts which seem most useful to beginning bloggers like me.  I will include them in Posts, but it seems useful to have an archive of them as well.

“Theme” may be THE key tool/concept, as your choice of theme will give a general shape and coloration to your blog.   Imagine someone making Christmas sugar cookies, and pouring the batter into various molds – trees, bells, wreathes.  Themes are molds in which you pour information into and, just like with the cookies, they create different shapes.  But add to that different colors and very different styles.

Because of that, I thought it important to explore a lot of themes offered first, but now I think it best to just grab one and come to know it well.   Later you can move all your information to a different theme mold.  Unlike baked cookie dough, the information doesn’t harden.

You can change this “theme” mold any time, and doing so is surprisingly easy.  You basically press a button or two and you see a whole new look for your blog.  Press another theme button and it changes again.

There is a caveat, though:   Theme templates don’t all offer the same automatic applications, such as most of what you see in my Side bar to your right.    I initially used a theme titled Twenty Ten, because that was what I was automatically given when I signed up.   However, I became tired of that look and wanted to jazz it up some, which I think I did with Mystique.   But, another reason I chose Mystique is that everything I had in my Twenty Ten theme transferred to the Mystique theme.   With a number of others I tried, that wasn’t true.






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