I’m one of those guys who believe, don’t read the instructions until all else fails.  My excuse is that most instructions are not well written, meaning that they pay no attention to the needs of the learner, so they tend to confuse and frustrate, especially me.  I’m also “old school” in that I prefer to thumb through a book to find answers rather than click around a screen.

For that reason, rather than exploring WP’s various learning supports accessible within the blog, I thumbed through a number of books found at Barne’s and Noble and didn’t find any to be just what I needed, including the ones for Dummies and Idiots.   I think the former book is organized in way confusing to the learner, while the latter has its uses (and I bought a copy of Idiots *), but when it comes to seeking help to tackle the issues of building a blog, I think WP’s Help stuff is generally, though not always, more useful.

Here are some tips on using the WP “Help”.

1.  When looking for help you can always go up to the right hand corner to find some Help.  Hover over your name and you will see Help below.   A click will put you in Support and look for the Search option.   Type in your question topic, click, and you will likely be dropped in an area that is helpful.

2.  While Support is useful in handling specific questions, the Tutorial section is useful in detailing a number of the steps required to set up your blog.  There are different ways to go to this section when on the backside, one being to drop to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see a list of links, which include both Support and Tutorials.

3.  A couple of things to keep in mind when using Help sources, whether books or WP on-line.  One:  They often give you more information than you need at this time, so don’t fret if you start feeling confused.  The information is sometimes confusing.

Two:  Sometimes the information is not up to date.   I have found instances in both the WP Support and the Idiot’s Guide, where what is stated in no longer true or the best way to do something.   Most of the information in both sources seem good, though, so don’t go haywire if you run across something that isn’t of help.


* NOTE:  The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress is a useful resource book for information on the many issues involved in developing a blog site, such as the differences between and org or the legal and ethical aspects of taking the material of others on the internet to include in your blog.

And, of course, it does have material illuminating the process of building a basic blog, and I glance at it, but like all the sources out there, the information given is often not just what you need.  I still think you can find most of the information you need in the WP Tutorial and Support sections, especially with my help.


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