Since no one has yet to ask me a question about building a basic blog site (other than:  Where do you begin:  Go to wordpress.com), the title is technically a misnomer, but I have had lots of questions in getting this far, so I’ll ask some and give the answers I have found (so far, and some might be incomplete).

TABSCreating new ones.

Q:  I have used the internet for years, but never have created a new tab.  Where do I go?

A:  Adding a tab is adding another brouser space, so you can remain connected to more than one URL, such as being connected to my blog site as well as your own and able to go back and forth easily.  I use AOL, but I imagine other net services also have File up in the corner to your left.  Click that, and then New Tab and then fill in your blog’s URL and connect.  Actually, easier is to click the + sign to the right of listed tabs , but wanted to point out both ways.

Obviously, you can make several tabs to connect to additional sites as well.  Sometimes I will have my site open twice or thrice, so I can keep one on the back side and the other on the front side and another to somewhere else relevant to whatever I’m doing.

BLOG SITES – Creating Additional Ones

Q:  I have heard you can have many blogs, but when I tried to start a new one, I was told I could only have one account?

A:  You can have only one account per email address, but you can add blogs once you have established an account.   Want to?  Hover on your name in the upper right hand corner, then click Manage My Blogs, then ignore the incoherent stuff you first see and scroll down to the bottom where on the far right, you’ll see Register Another Blog, click and do…..


Let’s cut to the chase:  Lesson Six explains how to change them.


Q:  How do I change my “username”?

A:  Hire a hacker.  Just kidding.   When I began WordPress it seemed impossible to change the user name at the time.  Anyway, now go to Help-Support and type in change user name and instructions are given, including a video lesson.


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