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This Blog is to Help You and I Create a Blog Site

(Here is a link to the first lesson if you want to jump right to it).

One for you and one for me.  First off, when people talk about blogs, they are usually combining two things, the writing of the blog (i.e. the ongoing entries called Posts) and the blog site, the technical setting in which the blog is housed.  What you want to write (post) and how you write it is up to you.  I am here to help you set up the blog site In other words, I am here to help you build a home for your blog.

I believe most people who want to become bloggers want to get a blog site up and running quickly, but the literature I’ve found, doesn’t support that approach.  You are given so much information and so many options to wade through that you may get tired of pulling out your hair and slamming things and just quit.

I almost quit.  I had wanted to create a blog site for some time, but wasn’t quite sure how, so a few weeks ago I took a work shop on Developing a Word Press Blog.   But it operated at a level beyond me, so while I was learning things, I wasn’t developing the ability to build a basic blog.  Just the reverse.  I was getting confused and frustrated.  Navigating the site and handling the various elements – posts, pages, categories, links, widgets, photos, editing, altering, etc.  – were dancing about my mind like rancid sugar plums.

I sought help from the Dummies and Idiots books and, again, some more insights, but not integrated in a way that helped me  build a simple blog site.  Word Press has its own Help offerings built into the process, but there seemed so much help that I remained confused as to what help I really needed Right Now!

I was about to give up when:  Eureka!  I realized I needed to teach myself.  I would learn what was necessary to build a basic blog while sharing with you the steps to take to do so.  Instead of building a blog dealing with politics or social comment or comic books, I would build a blog about building a blog, actually a blog site.  And that is what I have been doing for several weeks and will continue doing.  Hopefully while I am building my blog site and sharing what I think are logical steps in doing so, I will aid you in building yours.

The key  advantage of my approach is to focus upon what you need to know most right now to complete a blog site, in contrast to all the other methods I’ve looked into which throw lots of information at you that you don’t need to know right now, at least when it comes to building a basic blog site.

And you will help me, too, even if you don’t do a thing.  Just imagining you are out there and I am helping you makes the work it takes to sort out these things easier for me.   I like helping others.

(By the way, “dunces” are often not dummies.  Often we are put in the corner with a dunce cap on because we don’t like what is being taught or the way it is being taught, and we act out and are punished for it.  The resistance and rebellion come because we are not taught in ways that meet our learning needs.)

  1. The addition of About This Blog makes it much more understandable. You are now Richard Farrell, eh?

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