Lesson # 18 – Subscriber Email Notification of New Posts

By now, if you haven’t figured out a way, you might want to know how readers can get automatic updates when you add a new post.   One way is for you or them to set up a notification by email.

There are at least four ways to do this, and three are very easy, even though it took me a lot of time to figure out even one, and that was the hardest one.  I’ll get to that tragic story in another post, but right now, let’s cut to the chase.

ONE:   There is a Follow Blog Widget you can activate in the way you’ve activated others.  I would place yours at the top of your side bar though, rather than the bottom, so as to attract more attention.  I put mine at the bottom to underline the fact that I learned this way last.

TWO:   When readers download your blog (as when you download mine), they should see a Follow tab at the right lower corner.  If they click that and insert their email address, they will receive an update when they upload a new post.

THREE:   If readers, after reading a post, press the  button to send a comment, a small box will appear before “follow blog option”.  If they check that, they will receive email notifications of new posts.

FOUR:   The web site feedburner provides another way to install an email notification as shown on my side bar near the top.   But why bother to go that route?   You might employ that if you failed, as I did,  to find the first three methods I have noted.

There is another way readers can automatically be informed of new posts and that is through “feeds”.    As Word Press explains  “A  feed (often called RSS) is a stream of posts or comments that is updated when new content is published. This is very useful, as it allows other people to monitor your blog, along with other websites they are interested in, and aggregate them together through applications known as feed readers….”   You can go to Support and search for “RSS feeds” to learn more, but it might be too much more for right now.

Instead, I suggest looking at my  side bar for the Meta topic, and click Entries RSS and you can get automatic notifications to your “bookmarks” section of your your email site, if you check that, or you can get notifications to yahoo or google accounts if you have them.   Those are a couple of feeds for those readers who like their various blog update to be grouped together in one area rather than receive various individual emails.  For me setting up feeds is going a bit beyond a basic blog site, so that’s all I’ll say about it for now.


About Richard Farrell

I am old enough to collect Social Security with a varied work back ground, though most of it has been related to education or horse racing, at times the two being combined. My credentials regarding politics and economics are largely having observed the two in action over several decades. That and my knowledge of history, being a history major in college and a history buff ever since.

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