Lesson # 17 – The “Catch All” Text Widget

We have installed a few key Widgets already which have added program options listed on your Side Bar.  Zemanta has offered the most options so far, but the Text Widget can give that one a run for the money.  As WP explains:  “You can use a text widget to display links, simple text, images, tables, CSS styled HTML, or a combination of these.”

Well, that’s enough to make you immediately want to take a nap.   But we’ll pare down the possibilities to inserting text and HTML.   An example of text is just the words I’m typing, while HTML might be thought of as the underlying computer language that makes all of this work.  The letters are short for HyperText Markup Language (HTML).    If that is of any help, you are officially a “geek”, and can likely help the rest of us.

Anyway, if you go click Widgets on your Dashboard, and then scroll down to find the Text Widget, and then drag and drop it somewhere on the right, you will see a box for you to insert some text and give it a title above.  If you do that and “save” you will have something like my “advertisement” at the bottom of my Side Bar.

This is obviously useful for inserting some comments in your sidebar, which in turn could be linked to other areas.

We’ll save the insertion of HTML until the next lesson where we have a specific use for it.


About Richard Farrell

I am old enough to collect Social Security with a varied work back ground, though most of it has been related to education or horse racing, at times the two being combined. My credentials regarding politics and economics are largely having observed the two in action over several decades. That and my knowledge of history, being a history major in college and a history buff ever since.

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  1. I love this blog, but probably that is because it’s mine.

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