Lesson # 16 – Inserting Videos into Posts and Pages

While Zemanta offers a lot for doing little, so does WP’s program for uploading video from the internet into your posts.  There are several sites that allow it, though You Tube is by far the most popular.  I inserted the video below by going to youtube.com, selecting the video and, while it played, copied the URL.    Then I open a new post and pasted the URL into it, and:  Voila!   Here it is.

The ease of adding Zemanta and videos from the web is your reward for struggling with so much else in building your blog.   And, if you are up for a little complexity, you can alter the size of the video insert along with other change options, with help from Support.  Type in the Search box:  videos you tube.

If you want to download videos to your hard drive, though, you need to sign up for an additional service from WP which costs about $60.00 a year per blog.   If you want to explore that option click this.


About Richard Farrell

I am old enough to collect Social Security with a varied work back ground, though most of it has been related to education or horse racing, at times the two being combined. My credentials regarding politics and economics are largely having observed the two in action over several decades. That and my knowledge of history, being a history major in college and a history buff ever since.

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