Lesson # 14 – Downloading Images from the Internet

Image representing morguefile as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

I have a confession to make.  The images of the black board and the book shelves that I uploaded from my files were first downloaded from the internet.  I wanted you to understand how to upload images you already have before searching the internet for more.  As far as I can tell, you can download any image you find on the internet.  Also, you can download these images directly to your blog rather than to the files on your hard drive, but there are legal, ethical and even practical issues involved.    In the last case, if you do download an image directly to your blog, and the original site ceases to use that image, it will disappear from your blog.

So, to keep it simple for starters, I suggest you initially use sites that offer free images, like http://www.morquefile.com.

That’s where the ‘board and ‘shelves images came from and telling you this is one courtesy involved in using such free services.  Come to think of it, I’ll link you to their web site*.   I learned of them through The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress, which I have found the most useful of the literature out there, something I will speak more of in a later lesson.   The book lists five sites and I chose morgue probably because it appealed to my gallows sense of humor.   Anyway, it gives me what I need for now, so let’s go there.

Click the linked link above and at the morgue note the Search option on the upper right.  Type in a category, like “dogs”, press search and you’ll see a collection of dog images.   You could also press Search Log right next to Search and be taken to a list of categories and search them.   As for uploading the images to your files, I’m assuming you have a program to upload images from the net and know how to use it.  If not in the first instance, you can find free image editing programs and in the second instance, ask help from a friend or me.

The key point to keep in mind right now is that there are several sites that allow you to use their images for free.  Google “free image sites” and get a bunch of them or pick up a copy of The Complete Idiots’s Guide…, which gives short, recommended lists of both free image sites as well as free image editing software in their Appendix C.

Now we are going to take importing images and other things up a few notches by introducing you to Zemanta, a multi-tasker that can do a lot for you in short time.  But before moving on, check out the not3 below, and below that a related article.



* “It’s always something”……..when dealing with technical things, and this morning typing in morguefile, I found myself landing on another site by that name.   I did this several times, typing in the same URL and got a different site.  While Morguefile might be updating their site, there seems enough differences to suggest this is a different photo service.   The one I’m using has a white background, while this other one has a black back ground.  Something to keep in mind if you go there without my link.



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