Lesson # 15 – The Amazing Zemanta

Hopefully I have helped more than confused you about downloading images from the internet to your blog or uploading them from your files and inserting them in posts, pages and side bars.

Now I would like to introduce you to Zemanta, a service WordPress has partnered with “to make blogging easier and faster by letting you quickly add recommended links, photos, tags, and articles. With just a few clicks your post goes from simple to snazzy.”    Were you curious about that Morguefile image at the top of my last post?   That and the related article linked at the bottom were among several options presented automatically by the Zemanta program.

But first you have to activate it.   Look for Users in the Dashboard list to your left, hover and click “Personal Settings.”  Scroll down to find Additional Post Content, and click the little box and then Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now, if you go to any of your posts and look to your right and scroll down, you’ll see various options added by Zemanta, most notably Tags, a Media Gallery of related images, and a list of Related Articles.   We’ll ignore “Tags” right now and return to them when examining various ways to get your blog known.   For my post, I ignored the suggested tags and clicked that Morguefile image and it became inserted at the top of my post.

Then I clicked a Related Article and it popped up at the bottom of my post.   After updating the post I read the article, didn’t care for it and went back and chose the present one instead.

Very easy for starters.  Now as with everything WP, there is lots more you could learn about Zemanta found in a Support article under that name.  I could provide a link, but maybe it would be good to refresh your memory.   Remember you can find Support by hovering over your name in the upper right hand corner and then clicking Help, and then typing in Zemanta in the Search box.

Curiously, this Note might head up the section: “We have disabled Zemanta for a short time while we resolve an issue with their integration.”

Well, apparently they resolved it as it worked for me.   If you find it doesn’t work for you, perhaps it became unresolved..   Add such uncertainties to the long list of things that can confuse and frustrate you, and roll with them as best you can.  Once again, the more familiar you become with all of this, the easier it becomes.  Though it it likely will remain ever challenging as there is more and more and more to learn, if you want to.


About Richard Farrell

I am old enough to collect Social Security with a varied work back ground, though most of it has been related to education or horse racing, at times the two being combined. My credentials regarding politics and economics are largely having observed the two in action over several decades. That and my knowledge of history, being a history major in college and a history buff ever since.

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