Lesson # 13 – Adding Images to Your Side Bars

As indicated in the previous lesson, the image in the Dunces Page above was in my computer files and I inserted it in the same way I inserted the photos in Lesson Twelve.  If you look at my Side Bar to your right you’ll see that same image inserted TWICE, one that fits and the other badly sized as examples of right and wrong.

So, how do you insert an image in the Side Bar?  Well, not the same way as with Posts and Pages….  That would be too easy.  Think of it this way.  Usually when you want to add or change something in the Side Bar you go to Widgets to do it, as we have already done.   But, hold on a minute, as we have to pick up something at the Media Library en route.

If you look at the Dashboard near the top, and hover over Media, you’ll locate the Media Library, where the image (s) you have uploaded to Posts or Pages will be “on the shelves” so to speak.   Without knowing it, when you uploaded an image, a copy was made for your Media Library, so you can access it easier.   Here we just want to pick up (copy) the URL of an image you uploaded.  Then we’ll insert it in the Side Bar with the help of a Widget.

So, hover over an Image you want to insert in the Side Bar, which will then reveal Edit.  Click that, copy the URL of the image and now you’re done with the library for now.

Go to Widgets and scroll down to find the Image widget.  Drag and drop it anywhere in your Side Bar (you can always move it later).  Click the arrow to your right to open up options and, if you want to write a title, do so, but right now most important are:

ONE:  Inserting (pasting) the URL you have brought from the Media Library and TWO:  Adjusting the Width and Height of the image.   You can get this down to a science, but for now I suggest just playing around with different sizes.   The size of my smaller image is 150 by 150 (in pixels, whatever they are).  The size of the larger is 300 by 300.   If you put no size down, Widget will try to adjust the size.  If your image is too large it might not appear, or appear as a sliver of the image very elongated.    That’s for you to play around with.   For now, Save, Close and go to your front side to see what you’ve produced

Here is a link to the SUPPORT section which goes further into the various aspects of this, beyond my bare essentials approach.


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I am old enough to collect Social Security with a varied work back ground, though most of it has been related to education or horse racing, at times the two being combined. My credentials regarding politics and economics are largely having observed the two in action over several decades. That and my knowledge of history, being a history major in college and a history buff ever since.

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